Anti Nausea Meds

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I'm wondering about these meds, if there are stronger ones or lesser ones or whatever. I've only had prochlorperazine (generic of compazine, I believe) but looking into starting the doxil in a few weeks, and especially after all the grief it gave Tina, I am wondering if I should ask for something stronger perhaps? I don't do at all well with nausea. Heck, when I was pregnant I had morning sickness until my 8th month! Which was good as I didn't need to gain any weight, and didn't, but 8 straight months of puking at least once a day is something I don't really want to recall in detail! :)


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    Zofran is a common one but there are a few more
    I just responded to Tina and Lisa13Q about the same subject. Their posts are "Back in the land of the living" and "What do you recommend for nausea". A good one is Zofran just before the treatment and ask your doctor about the pre-meds including the anti-nausea. You should also have it at home if you need it after the treatment. Check out my response to both and Good Luck with the treatments!
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    Hi Sheryl, I have taken 6 taxol infusions in 2008 and in 2010, I took 8 infusions of doxil. With both, I took Emend right before the first chemo was administered and then day 2 and day 3 I also took it. I never got sick. These 3 pills ran about $400; however, my insurance did cover it.

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    Zofran and Reglan were
    Zofran and Reglan were prescribed for me. I was fortunate, not much in the way of nausea. I welcomed the diarrhea, since, all in all, constipation felt much worse. Wish I could be more help!