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It is 2 weeks since my first infusion of Caelyx (Doxil) and I am actually feeling OK.

It was a total shock to me to have such terrible nausea and to feel so ill. No one warned me about these side effects with this drug. I was warned about the sore mouth and the hand and foot syndrome (Which in fact I do NOT have!!!) But the nurse who administered my chemo just gave me a prescription for mild anti-sickness meds without any instructions or warnings.

At one point I was ready to throw the towel in and tell my doctor I could do it anymore - the feeling of being poisoned was so bad. In the end the chemo nurse gave me 2 really strong anti-sickness meds. I also have really bad acid reflux so I am on meds for that too.

The only positive note is............... my hair is still on my head :)

Can anyone tell me if they have had similar experiences on Doxil? And am I right in thinking that this drug is slower working? I am expecting my CA125 to rise at my first check up as I have noticed this has happened with other ladies on here.

Thanks Tina xxxxxxx

PS, does anyone suffer with constipation when on anti-sick meds?


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    Constipation? Oh Yeah!
    Glad your back with the living again! I always have anti-nausea meds just prior to my chemo treatments and have them at home if I need them. For some of the treatments they also gave me antacid, Benadryl and a steroid before the treatment. Ask your doctor if you can do the same for you and you may be able to avoid or help the side effects after the treatments. As far as the constipation, it is my worse side effect for the most part. I just responded to LisaQ's post a few minutes ago about the same subject. A lot of people use MiraLAX and I think it may take a couple days to work but I'm not sure. One of my doctors recommended an organic tea called "Smooth Move" (senna tea) and works well and it's not harmful if you have to use it long term. It works for me within 4 to 6 hours after I drink it.

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    My chemo nurses suggest
    My chemo nurses suggest Senakot. When I use it however, it gives me diarrhea. It really kicks in quickly though.