Platelets are 26,000 two weeks after 6th chemo

hopeful girl 1
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I am is two weeks after my sixth chemo, and I had my bloodtest today.
(I was 3C before surgery and chemo and radiation.)

Today my counts tested at:

Platelets are 26,000
Hemoglobin 8.1
White cells 1300
Neutrophils 988
CA125 5

I have had trouble with platelets now after chemo 4 and now 6. I usually drop more by the third week. The oncologist's nurse called today and told me my counts were low, and said if platelets go to 10,000 they do a platelet transfusion.

She also asked if I would like to get a hemoglobin transfusion now. She said it would make me feel better, or I can wait, but that if I drop below 8 my oncologist will definitely recommend a transfusion.

What does everyone think? And did any of you get this low in treatments, and what did you do?

They want me to come for another bloodtest CBC tomorrow to monitor my platelets.
I scheduled the transfusion for hemoglobin but can change my mind if I want to.

Thank you so much.