is this a sign of possible reoccurance

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I just got a call from oncology Drs. nurse that request an office visit in reference to results from my 3 month check. during normal pap and ca 125 check lab test revealed a negative pap test (nurse said no cancer cells present) however, there was some "abnormal" glandular cells present, she said not to worry, i was fine. i ask what this meant and was informed that after a complete radical hysterectomy glanular cells "should not" be present due to fact they are only found in the cervix and uterus. she could not explain the results any further and my Dr. just wants to have a look (colopsy???) I can not get in until 11/ long to wait and worry...can this be significant as far a reocurrence is concerned?

Background:May 2009 grade 3 stage 1B (now revised to 1A under new staging guidelines) UPSC
complete radical hysterectomy/ no lymph invasion or other sites
6 rounds carbo/taxol and internal brachy radiation completed 11/2009
ca125 was 35 at time of surgery and now hovers at 4
46 years old single mom of 3 girls
19 year old twins by c-section
14 year ol by c-section
absolutely no other significant medical symptoms
UPSC discovered due to heavy bleeding for 3 consecutive months 2/2009-5/2009

any ifo or moral support much needed and appreciated
Thanks so much!


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    glandular cells
    All I can say is--ALWAYS get a second opinion. What was first though to be a UPSC met was visible in the first CT scan but wasn't commented on because of it's unusual location; maybe if I'd had a second look at that scan we might have got that out before it grew to nearly 3 cm (from <.5 cm in April 2010). Because I seem to be in the hinterlands medically (many of the standard procedures that they use here are often out of date), I am now insisting on a read by a separate institution on every path and scan. Also at least 2, probably 3, opinions on best treatments. Good luck!
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    I was diagnosed with Stage IIB UPSC and clear cell in Oct. 2008. I have had one abnormal PAP which the oncol thinks feels it is from the damaged cells due to the radiation. I also made the mistake of using Replens the day before and that will also give you an abnormal reading. If you are using Replens or other lubricates, please do not use them for at least three days before your next PAP.