Got my bloodtest results two weeks after sixth chemo-all counts very low and platelets only 26,000

hopeful girl 1
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I had my 6th chemo two weeks ago, and so today I had the two week (nadir) bloodtest done.

Here are my results:

Platelets 26,000.................... (dropped down from 118,000 two weeks ago)

Hemaglobin 8.1.................. (dropped from 9.5 two weeks ago)

White Cells 1,300....... (dropped from 2,000 two weeks ago)

Neutrophils 988 (dropped from 1,300 two weeks ago)

CA125 5 (has stayed the same number for the last three chemos)

I am really nervous about the platelets-I have had trouble with platelets for chemos 4 and 6. Chemo 5 I did ok as they lowered the carbo dose, which I had the same lowered dose for chemo 6, but I dropped like crazy after the 6th now for some reason-the nurse said because the chemos are cummulative. My oncologist's nurse said they will give a platelet transfusion at 10,000. They want me to come in for daily bloodtests every morning now to monitor the platelets. Also, I was asked if I would like to get a transfusion for the hemaglobin if I am tired etc, or otherwise if it drops any lower my oncologist will recommend for certain. I told the nurse to go ahead and set me up for the hemaglobin transfusion, as I do get more winded going upstairs and my heart will feel like it is beating faster sometimes when I do.

I read that anything under 50,000 for platelets is at high risk for excessive bleeding, but that it is a watch and wait game for anything between 10,000-50,0000. 10,000 is considered a medical emergency and treatment (transfusion) will be given.

Did anyone have their numbers get this low? I am really nervous because I have made it this far, and now I am scared.

So tomorrow, I will head back (the drive is over an hour) to my cancer center and get another blood test. I am told to wait for results. They will also do a bloodtest to reconfirm bloodtype prior to ordering the hemaglobin transfusion. Hemaglobin transfusions are given in the cancer center same place chemo is given.

Is there any risk to getting a hemaglobin transfusion when your white counts are lowered?

Also, has anyone had a platelet transfusion? Do they admit you for that or is that handled the same as hemaglobin?

I am looking for feedback please.

Hugs to all!