Advice sought about alcohol ablation therapy

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I have saw my endo in Denver (btw if anyone needs a good endo I am more than willing to share his name) and he was talking about alcohol ablation therapy as a possible course of treatment. Here is a quick history: 2001-TT with 7 lymphnodes cancerous (2.4cm cancer on thyroid) followed with RA-131 and WBS, in 2008/09 had another reoccurance (dr. didn't tell me much then moved out of state) and a higher dose of RA-131, also in 2008 I had like 6 hospitalizations for uncontrolled vomiting along with my gall bladder removed and a hysterectomy (the surgeries happened before the reoccurence). I am still having issues with nausea and vomiting but I also went to a goastroentologist(spelling?) and have found out I have a huge hiatal hernia and gastritis (waiting on biopsies and then will find out what treatment). I have also found out that between underneath my collarbone and neck I have like 8 differnet lymphnodes/masses that are all different sizes and one is necrotic according the the report I have read. One of the lymphnodes is one that I was treated for over a year ago and it has like doubled in size and made babies lol. Anyways my endo was talking biopsies and possible alcohol ablation and surgery (he said as the oncologist gave me a scan with dye in Sept. I will have to wait 6 months to have RA-131). My thyroid levels are good he said but my calcium, Vit D, and potassium levels are very low so they have upped my calcium to 2000 mg a day and Vit D to 4000 a day. Anyways what I was asking is has anyone had this type of treatment and how did it work for you and what was it like (if you are willing to share). Also I was wondering if anyone has went thru a lymphnode/mass being necrotic and if so what did they do and so on lol. Sorry if this comes across as rambling as I a bit foggy and scattered lol. I appreciate any responses and advice.