Non Hodgkins Small Lymphocitic Lymphoma new diagnosis-


I recently was diagnosed with Non H SLL stage 4 30% in my bone marrow. I am 39 years old mommy of three precious boys ages 7,5 and 3. I have been on a roller coaster of feelings since my diagnosis about a week ago. I need to talk to any survivors of this type of lymphoma. I need guidance, support and info. Please if you know of anyone that can help me let me know.



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    Hi Anna, I too had NHL with bone involvement, I was stage 4 also, I Am not familiar with small lymphocytic though. I can tell you that I was diagnosis in May, and I'm happy to say in remission now. The unknown is going to be the worst thing you face, this site will really help you thru that. Did your Onc. prescribe your treatment yet???? I sounds so easy, but stay positive..... it will get better.... Wishing you well Vinny
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    Welcome Anna!
    Hello to you and welcome to the site. This may be a group you never wanted or thought you would have to join but in time will be glad that you did. Great and smart people live here. There isn't a person here who doesn't understand exactly where you are at. I don't know the details of your type of lymphoma but I will do some checking. That being said know that the lymphomas are highly treatable. Also know too that all of those emotions are normal and expected. You are most likely overwhelmed and scared. Rather then overwhelm you further lets go slowly and maybe share with us what you understand so far. The people here are kind,caring and always so eager to help. Take some deep breaths and let us know what we can do. Mary
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    Hi Anna I am just new to
    Hi Anna I am just new to this site. I was 37 yrs old when diagnosed with SLL Stage IV and also 30% bone marrow involvement. I did 6 months of cytoxan fludara and rituxan then rituxan every 6 months for 2 yrs. I went into remission after 5 months of therapy and have been in remission over 9 yrs. I recently have found new lymph nodes swollen at the back of my scalp and have an appt with new oncologist in 10 days. My oncologist moved. I havent had a scan in about 5 yrs I think. My blood work has never shown my lymphoma. Hang in there I know exactly how you feel. I have 4 boys and they were 12, 8, 6 and 3 at the time of my dx. They are now 22, 18, 16 and 13 obviously and I feel blessed to have had that many years with them.