Corporate caregivers do exist!

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Corporate caregivers do exist!

I contacted the Ferring Pharmaceutical Company that manufactures Firmagon(degarelix) last month regarding if they had a compassionate drug program. My Cobra Insurance was ending 10/31/10 and affording Firmagon as an out of pocket expense would be a severe financial burden. I was informed Ferring did not have a compassionate drug program for Firmagon in place but they would check on my situation and let me know.

To my surprise I received a phone call from a Ferring representative today asking for my Oncologists address so they could mail 3-4 injections for free for my future injections.

I would like to publicly convey a sincere thank you to all of the Ferring Pharmaceutical company employees that contributed to this compassionate decision.

Glen M.


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    Corporate Caregivers

    Very good news. Ferring Pharmaceutical is to be congratulated.

    Thank you for sharing!