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Hi all! I am Suzanne and have been reading your posts for months, but this is my first post. I was diagnosed in August of '09 with stage 3 colon cancer. I had my colon removed and now have a bag. I went through 6 months of chemo (Folfox and oxi) and handled it quite well. I then had a reocurrance in my ovary and had a hysterectomy. I now have 4 small spots on my liver and have had 6 treatments of Folfuri and Avastin. However, I am having big problems with my bag leaking constantly the week I am on chemo. Just wondering if anyone else with a bag has had this problem. Please send any advice my way! I am also having bad spasms near my stoma.

I am 34 years old with a wonderful husband, 3 small children and determined to beat this!!


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    Hi Suzanne
    Since you have already been reading here, you know we are a sharing bunch. Glad you are posting.

    I have had colostomy since March this year, so have a little experience with the bag, but not with chemo.

    It may be that the spasms are causing your bag to come lose. Have you mentioned them to your doc? Do you have an ostomy nurse at your local hospital? If so he/she might be able to offer some suggestions.

    There is a skin prep wipe that can help with the adhesion. Is the collar you use one that is all waxy or does it have a waxy circle for the stoma and then a more cloth like area for the adhesive to the surrounding skin.

    Give us some more detail on what you are using and I am sure there will be lots of help coming.


    Marie who loves kitties
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    Welcome Suz!
    I am glad you are posting! I hope someone can help you with this issue; have you talked to your ostomy nurse about it?
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    colostomy bag
    I have a permanant bag,and when I replace the wafer{flange]I use the adhesive remover,then wipe the area with a wet cloth,then dry it,then wipe it down real good with a wet wipe,then make sure it is dry,then put the wafer on,and let it seal real good for about 10 minutes.You should empty the bag when it is about 1/2 to 1/3 full,I always rinse mine out.If you let it get to full it will get heavy ,and fall off.When I was having spasms next to my stoma,it turned out to be an intestinal infection,antibiotics took care of that.I had the same pain right after surgery,that was gas.There is also a powder that you can put on around the stoma that helps also,before you put on the wafer.I hope this helps,and welcome.
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    stoma nurse/specialist
    Do you have or can you get access to a stoma nurse/specialist? Which company do you use for your supplies -- sometimes they have a specialist nurse on staff who can give advise (for free!). You say you just have leaking the week you are on chemo -- is that because you get diarrhea that week? (hope you don't mind the direct question. Can that be controlled with medication? Are the spasms that week too? I have been having spasms too --which chemo drug(s) are you on -- mine is due to CPT11 (Xeliri). Do you ever visit the United Ostomy Association site? A great source of advice (like this board)

    Wishing you all the best

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    Thanks guys! I have seen an
    Thanks guys! I have seen an ostomy nurse and she switched me to a 2 piece bag. I wasn't crazy about it, so I went back to the one piece. I then had chemo again and the leaks began again. I am not having terrible diarrhea, but the spasms are pretty bad a few days after my infusion. My doc gave me bentol for the cramps and it does help some. However, I have now gone back to the 2 piece bag and am having better luck. We will see how it does when I go back next week for treatment. I am so frustrated! Thanks again to all!!