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Hi there friend.:)

I enjoy your posts as well. It is comforting to know that we are not alone in what we have faced, or worries we still hold.

If you don't mind my asking-how old are you? I am 46.

I don't recall from previous posts? Do you work, or are you back at work now?

Was wondering....and forgot to ask in my last email posting thread.......when your white counts were nearly zero after 6th chemo you mentioned you followed the neutrophenia diet.
What did that entail? Is that what I mentioned? No fresh fruits or veggies, no well water to drink, etc? Can you please list out for me what that was, so I can make sure that I am not eating or drinking anything I shouldn't be. My oncologist's office has never really mentioned anything about the diet-just to avoid sick people and wash hands alot.

I would really appreciate this info.

Hugs and healing!



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    Hi Cindy,
    Sorry it took me so long to answer. I am 54. I worked throughout treatment and continue to work despite my annoying neuropathy pains.
    For the neutropenic diet you must avoid fresh fruits or vegetables that you can't peel.You can have a banana or melon just wash the skin with soap before cutting into a melon. No eating in restaurants because you don't know who is handling your food. No salads. You are right about water. They also told me avoid real spicy foods, as not to casuse inflammation of the mucosa of the mouth.No Sushi.
    Avoid crowds and sick people. You should avoid fresh flowers or gardening.
    Also no changing cat litter pans or bird cages. or letting pets lick your face.
    It is basically avoiding things you can't control.Don't go crazy.
    Your counts should be starting to come back up within a couple of weeks. I hope this helps.
    In friendship and strength,