glandular cells found in Pap Test after Radical Hyst after UPSC

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Has anyone else every had a finding of NORMAL Glandular cells after Radical Hysterectomy? I got a call from my ob/onc nurse today, DR wants to see me for a look/see, not to worry Pap was negative, but it is not normal to have these cells present as they are only found in cervix and uterus, which I do not have any longer. I was diagnosed in May 09 with 1B UPSC had Rad Hyst and typical carbo/tax chemo and internal Vag radiation (completed in Oct 09) all pap have been clear and CA 125 is a 4. I can not get in till Nov 29th and I am really freaking out, when i got the call at work today i literally could not breath. Does anyone have information about the significance of these cessl being present?


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    Glandular cells in the vagina
    I do know that something called 'vaginal adenosis', that is glandular tissue being present in the vagina, is caused by prenatal DES exposure. Diethylstilbestrol.
    I'm not saying that you have vaginal adenosis, but that's just what I know about glandular tissue being in the vagina.
    I checked your bio and you are in the right age group to have possibly been exposed to DES. It is a very bad drug that was pulled off the market in 1971 due to it's ability to cause cancer in the daughters that were exposed in utero.
    It is a completely benign condition, but a hallmark of DES exposure. I don't think that I've seen where anything else can cause the condition. But I'm not an expert, just a victim.