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Saw my doctor today for my first official since last chemo in July. She said everything looked good but ca-125 up from 7 to 21. She doesn't seem to overly concerned but will keep an eye on it, next ca-125 will be in Jan. I asked questions that I wasn't able to ask before, I liked the answer to some but not to the others. I'm sure you know what I mean to those who have been dealing with our unwanted friend.

Keeping chin up!


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    I hear what you are saying.
    I hear what you are saying. It is scary to know what the future holds. I say keep a positive outlook. I've got a few people in my network that are in remission for 13 years, 14 years and they are friends with woman that are in remission even longer. One woman, Laura, is currently in remission for 4 years. I was told that it depends on a lot of factors and that it isn't an all one size disease. I'm quite scared having a two year old and a four year old. I treat each day as though it were my last and I admit that I freak out inside just because I do have a diagnosis. Lets face it, someone can have a heart attack and not be here in a day. For us, it is the fear of the diagnosis, right?
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    I know what you mean
    Hi Joan, I know exactly what you mean about asking those questions. Some of us are brave enough to ask and others aren't. My CA125 has been rising also and the doctor says the same thing as yours. He wasn't concerned. But I am. It seems like my doctor will give me positive news but then he kind of slips in the news I really don't want to hear. Will be praying for a good CA125 for you in January.

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    Yes, the ca125 is stressful!!!! As long as you are symptom free try to enjoy your remission! Good luck!
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    staying positive
    Thanks for helping me to stay positive. It doesn't help to stay down anyways!?!