metastatic colon cancer- spread to liver and penis- has anyone experienced this? question on pain m

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My 57 year old father who has alway seemed relatively healthy was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer in September which had spread to his liver. While he was waiting to begin chemo treatment (whole process has been slow, had to wait a week to have a port inserted and the chemo started a week after that which is about 1 month after it was confirmed he had cancer) he started feeling symptoms in his penis which an MRI revealed that the cancer had spread to his penis. He started chemo 1 week after the cancer spread to his penis and he just had his second chemo therapy dose iv'd yesterday.

All in all it's been two weeks since this new cancer spread and he continues to complain about pain which he's tried to describe as some sort of inflammation/like a pimple that wants to burst. He's been taking Oxycodone for pain which is not doing anything, neither did IV morphine he received yesterday.

It appears his Oncologist is not really listening or addressing this. Even when he first started feeling symptoms his oncologist immediately told him to go see a urologist and the urologist immediately washed his hands off this once it was confirmed it was cancer.

We are based in NYC, I am trying to get us an appt at sloan kettering but given that he has already started treatement they advise waiting for this phase of chemo treatment to end such that they can review his petscan following this first phase and provide a second opinion on next steps.

We are concerned that no-one is really addressing the issue and feel extremely helpless throughout this so looking for some feedback on how someone else dealt with this.

Thank you


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    First welcome to the board and I am so sorry that your father is going through this.

    It sounds to me that his pain might be his first priority as pain will make things seem far more difficult to address. Please have him ask for a referral to a pain management specialist. If what he is taking now is not working, then it is not the right medication for him. Also, know that when chemo starts working and shrinks tumors, that will help with pain. But, I wouldn't wait for that and would ask for a referral. He may be given anything from a patch to a pump or maybe just a different pill for his pain that will work better than what he is taking now.

    You need to be your own advocate through this disease and early on it is very hard to do that as you are still dealing with the diagnosis and all that involves mentally and emotionally. He is very lucky to have you on his side as you can help him with making sure that he gets what he needs. He definitely needs a second opinion and don't hesitate to have him seen somewhere else. If sloan is where you prefer he be then have him assessed there for his 2nd opinion.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your father.
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    Good grief

    If it were me, I would hunt for another urologist. And another,
    and another, and another..... until I got one that cares enough to
    do something.

    With a urological problem, it doesn't matter if it's cancer, herpes,
    an STD, or an injury, the problem has got to be resolved through
    whatever it takes to resolve the immediate problem.

    I don't blame him for "washing his hands", next time he oughta'
    use rubber gloves......

    Go get another urologist, willya'?

    Wishing you both better days.

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    I know this is very overwhelming right now especially
    because you are young and having your own life and trying to be
    a great caregiver.

    Another great cancer center in NYC is the Jay Monahan center at NY Presbyterian Hospital.
    Doctor Ocean and Popa are wonderful in the treatment of Colon Cancer.

    My hubby was in severe pain in his left hip, we didn't take any chances
    we went directly to the emergency room at NYP.

    The did all the tests necessary at the Hospital and everything was taken care of
    right at the Hospital.

    If his pain is not getting better, I would suggest you take him to the emergeny room.
    believe me they will take care of him and you will not have all the running around and
    frustration you are dealing with right now.

    Good luck