very interesting and informative article on cancer and patient: " patience not passive: cancer in th

maggie_wilson Member Posts: 596 is the link to this long, very, very, interesting article in our local sf-east bay paper--that my daughter sent on to me. all about how we patients are taking control of our own treatment, or at least are collaborating, and not just doing what the doctor says also, how we're finding our own treatments, chemos, etc. . it's quite inspiring and very validating. talks some about our cancer sites on line, and how informative and important they are to us. take a look if interested.



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    Thanks Maggie!
    I will take a

    Thanks Maggie!

    I will take a look. Hope all is well with you.

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    Thanks so much, Maggie!
    As I was reading the article you posted, I couldn't help but think of the women on this board who help each other every day. How powerful we can all be.

    Thanks so much for the article. I am going to check out some of the other links that were mentioned. There are times when I'd like to put my head under a pillow and believe that "ignorance is bliss" but quickly come back to knowing and believing that "knowledge is power."

    So as we all continue to accrue more knowledge, I hope and pray for success in all that is ahead for us.

    Peace and hope, JJ
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    Great article!
    Great article, Maggie! Thanks so much for posting!