Hepatic Embolization of the liver

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My 35 yr old Fiance was diagnosed with Stage IV Parotid Gland cancer (a salvitory cancer) in August 2010. It has spread to his spine (6 tumors- C5, C6, C7, T1, T3, T10) and to his liver (10.6cm tumor).
After a surgery to remove the primary tumor, radiation and two rounds of chemo (taxol and carbo-platin)they have pulled him off conventional chemo and put us on a waiting list for a trial. On the chemo the liver tumor grew 15% in 45 days versus 25% in 20days before we started the chemo. The dr deems that a failure but it seems to have slowed the growth to me.
They have decided to do a hepatic embolization to his liver in an attempt to starve the tumor. Does anyone know anything about this? Does it work? For how long? Any severe side effects?
Any info would help........