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Hyperberic Chamber was located in another Hopsital, I have had nothing but problems getting this hopsital to get B/C B/S of Michigan to get there payment, the hospital either can't give me info, last month they pulled my account, but they keep sending me bills for extravagant amounts. Blue Cross will pay for the treatment and have talked to them 3 times, they have a coding which they can't seem to get right down here in Tennessee, I got to the point of openning and stressing to , recieving and throwing in a box, I know what it is, and the 5 otherpeople can't get it right, or the office is closed for the day, thye have my phone, and still no calls, but I still get the Bills, I can' barely speak, but one after another tells me, to keep waiting or iI'll get a rude one on the phone, the one bill i thought was office calls, now another bill shows up, and the Dr. listed isn't the one I saw...Does this stuff ever ironself out????...Any way to get this solved. I'm doing all the running and the insurance companys are spinning there wheels? I'm copying everything, and shipping it back to the Nashville hospitals billing tomorrow, and to leave me alone till they sort it out. Any other helpful hints please....It's the same thing every month and no one is getting satisfaction. Thanks Dennis


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    Just be persistent with the bills. Eventually they work themselves out. Only accept the ones for things that you actually had done. Do things in writing and send copies to your doctor along with the billing department. And the ones to the billing department I would suggest you get a receipt of when they get them.

    I had problems with the billing department on several occasions including one time when they sent me a bill 2 years after the appointment when they didn't bill the insurance company properly. Then that insurance company went out of business and they didn't send it to the state in a timely fashion so they wanted me to pay. It took about 2 years of letters and talking to the Financial Services office and then finally basically blackmailing them into writing off the bill.

    The last time was for an appointment that they claimed I had "surgery" which I didn't. All because someone coded the form incorrectly. I kept talking one of the supervisors and the doctors secretary. It finally got resolved after 18 months.

    Luckily both of my issues happened after I was done with treatment and I could spend my time and efforts resolving the issues without it hindering my treatment.