The Reading Room: "Cancer World" Review from The New Yorker

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For those who might be interested, the November 8, 2010, issue of The New Yorker, ran what I think is a quite intelligently-written review of S. Mukherjee's book "The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer."

Cancer World



  • PhillieG
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    Thank You Hatshepsut
    I had to cancel my subscription to The New Yorker. I miss it. Not unlike some other publications, I used to like the cartoons a lot. I have many of them cut out. They had very good/interesting articles. I should read it online more.

    I hope you are doing well
  • Sundanceh
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    Thank You!

    I throughly enjoyed reading this article on this book - it struck quite a few chords about many aspects of Cancer, that we all experience.

    I found many of the topics quite fascinating!

    Thanks so much for posting, L:)

    And I agree with Phil - hope all is well and so good to see you around the forum again. I do keep you on my mind - say hi to Misty as well - Harley is being his usual rambunctious self:)