carboplatin, avastin and paclitaxel...anyone had these chemo drugs i am newly on?

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Hi all,
I started chemo two days ago. Above are the drugs they are giving me for my lung cancer.
My doctor said I should do well on them. So far so good.
I'm just looking for some input from people who have had these drugs. Any info you could give me would we great.

God bless all of you,


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    my wife is
    My wife is on all these as well as cetuximab as part of a study. She has had two cycles of the three and takes cetuximab weekly. No horrendous side effects.... and her ciugh and wheezing is totally gone... she is now beginning training for a walking marathon... she is 40, nonsmoker, stage 4 mets to spine.

    Feel free to ask any questiions.... and keep me up to date with you.
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    Hi Scott,
    I'm just curious to know how you're doing on the chemo?? Hope everything goes good for you and you don't have any side effects. Let us know, okay? "Carole"