facial paralisis

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I'm schedualed for 3rd surgery novemeber 15th.This time they are going to cut me from behind the ear and bring it all the way down...I'm just wandering have any of you had facial paralisis...I know it's only like a 5% chance but just the way my lucks been lately i'll problably be the one who has it and also loses my sence of taste.


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    Had bilateral neck dissection
    I have had 4 surgeries for HCC. The most recent was a bilateral neck dissection on July 23rd. The op took 5 1/2 hours and the incision is from just below my right jaw, past my collar bone, up to my left jaw. (like a horseshoe). I have had no major problems from the surgery. My sense of taste is messed up, but that was after the RAI treatment. Good luck to you.