Bone Cancer after Hodkins???

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Hi all, I just finished my treatment for Hodkins 2weeks and 2days ago. I had 6 cycles of ABVD and 3 weeks of radiation. The tumor in my chest was originally almost 11 inches wide. 2 days after my last radiation treatment I began experiencing bone pain in my pelvis and femur in my left side. The pain has since gotten so bad that I feel crippled, I cannot sleep, walk, bend or turn without screaming in pain. The pain is similiar to the pain experienced with having the bone marrow biopsy. Ive read a few articles about bone cancer being a secondary , has anyone else been through this?? I had a CT done yesterday and I have a PET scheduled for November 22nd. Any information would be a blessing, I have 4 young children and this has been a long and bumpy road. Thanks and God Bless to all, Tracie