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Haven't seen a posting from you for a long time. How are you doing?



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    Hello Britta
    I am here. I got sick with a really bad cold/flu bug so have not been doing much lately. I'm finally coming around and feel better but it took over 2 weeks. My PCP is really careful with me and I had to have a chest x ray etc. I always get so nervous with a chest x ray because I had lymphoma areas in my chest and I was so afraid they would see something. But it just showed bronchitis. She did do a swab for the flu and kind of said if it is positive she would have put me in the hospital! Thank God it was negative. So it was antibiotics and rest. Now I just have the remaining cough but much better. My husband also got it a few days after me and I felt bad for him but somehow there seemed to be safety in numbers. LOL...Also my price tag for working in health care! I hate getting so freaked out when I get sick now. Otherwise I have been fine and don't go back to Mayo until January. How about you? I have been following along here as a silent partner. Take good care and God bless. Mary