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Hello my name is Shirley and I have this amazing man in my life who was told he has stage IV EC on Oct 2009. So much has happened in these past months. I will attempt to give you a short summary.

He was told he was not a canidate for surgery because he had lymph node involvement and also a spot in he right buttocks that was the same cancer cells as the EC,
since Oct 2009 he Is on his third set of Chemo this one being Herceptin and 5FU, he will get his second treatment tomorrow. He has manage to maintain a good weight even though he has not had a appetite at times. He has has thrush several time but no mouth sore except one minnor one. I have a treatment for that is anyoue is interested IT WORKS...........

John is 60 years old. He retired from the Navy in 1993 after serving 24 and a half years.We will celebrate our 40th anniversary this December. I married the boy next door and he has been the best partner anyoue could have. This has been a tough year but God has brought us even closer together. We have a strong support system with friends family and coworkers. John retired from his job in September and is waiting to recieve his dissability. The adjustment of retirementt has been a strugglr but he need his energy to heal and maintain what health he has.

I must mention he also recieved 28 radiation treatment to the EC and 10 to the buttocks which did not show up on any of the scans he has had. He does have more lymph node involvement in the stomach area. His biggest problem at the moment is pain control. He is on vicodin and oxycodon but because he considers himself such a sturdy guy he tends to slack off on his meds when he feels good and then the pain gets out of control.

We live in the Seattle area and we see Dr. Vik Dahbi. We feel like he has been honest and very aggresive with his treatment and that is what we want.They told us 12 to 18 months and we said we can beat that and I am hopeful that we will.

I continue to work and John tries to live life to the fullest when he feels well and has the energy. Just Friday he attended a pig roast retirement party for one of his co-workers and went to a haunted house with our son and 12 year old grandson.

I guess I will close thanking ALL of you for this site even though this is really my first entry I have read and reread your entries and used youe knowledge to help us thru this time. God bless each and every one of you and hold you close.

I will close this as John closes his Caring Bridge web site His body is strong His determine is Great and his Will to survive is immense. Thanks Shirley the loving wife of John I choose not to give up that title to become a caregiver. I am much more than that.


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    What a beautiful Story
    You are both very lucky to have each other. Best of luck to you and your family. You are a inspiration.
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    nancyann3 said:

    What a beautiful Story
    You are both very lucky to have each other. Best of luck to you and your family. You are a inspiration.

    Hi Shirley, praying for you
    Hi Shirley, praying for you and your husband, for strength and for comfort. 5 month survivor so far.
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    Thrush cure
    Shirley, welcome to the site and thank you for sharing your story. I would appreciate the cure you have found for thrush. My husband is dealing with it as I write this post.