Blood Transfusions

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This week my dad was able to get 2 units of blood. Since the chemo he has been anemic and very symptomatic. He had it all, pale skin, cold, shortness of breath,fatigue and terrible dizziness. His hemoglobin was sitting right at 8.9 or 9 even after not getting chemo for 6 weeks. It has only been a couple of days but his skin pinked up right away and the dizziness is much better.

It hasn't done much for the fatigue but when you have EC with mets to your liver and lungs do you ever get over the fatigue? Add a pain patch, oxycotin, and a few more meds that cause drowsiness and I guess we are blessed he is alert and awake at all!

How many of you have had had blood transfusions? Did they help?

I understand protocol for how low your blood counts have to be, I've worked in the medical field, but why are they so stingy with wanting to give him blood? Insurance again has to be crappy about wanting to pay for them. My dad is a member of the "Over 10 Gallon Club" with the Red Cross, meaning he has given that much blood over the years. If it helps him feel better, I think he should get it, especially after donating so much.



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    had 3
    Gee my drs were not stingy but they had to talk me into getting transfusions because we had a family member contract Hep C from 7 pts. But the dr had survived a car accident because of her transfusions and she talked me into it. When I got very sick from the radiation they gave me some too I never thought they were being stingy just following my counts. Your Dad of course has the mets and that makes his condition so much more serious, maybe they are afraid of taxing his system too much. Hope he feels lots better, think the weakness is par for the course. I never felt really like myself till 7 months after surgery before I felt more normal. Prayers for your Dad and all,
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    Blood Transfusions
    My husband hasn't had to have any, but during my battle with ovarian cancer and 6 taxol and carboplatin chemo treatments I had to have a couple of transfusions. It really helps and I never had a problem with insurance. I was very ill last year and had to have two while hospitalized for six and a half weeks and again, no problem. I hope he gets it right away, it will make such a great difference.

    God Bless,

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    My dad had
    2 transfusions around the time he was first diagnosed. His hemoglobin droped down to 4. It helped him a lot! He hasn't had to have any since then (back in March/April) because I think the radiation stopped whatever was bleeding. They never did find the source and weren't sure it was the tumor.

    Anyway, it really did help with a lot of his symptoms. I don't understand why an insurance company would be so stingy. Seems a relatively easy thing to do! It's like come on, would they rather pay for all pricey tests and procedures??? The system is so crewed up!! Ugh.

    Glad your dad is holding his own and doing well.

    Blessings to you all!

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    Demand Transfusions
    Hello Deb
    My dad was also anemic when we discovered his EC went to his liver. He was jaundice, weak, and dizzy. The transfusions made him feel much better. If your dad's drs. are stingy with giving blood to him, demand that he gets them. Become a squeaky wheel and get the oil! Thinking and praying for you all daily.
    Tina in Va