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oh no, i thought it was ok to be around my 11 year old and my spouse after 1 week in my room. the radiologist said it was ok. i've been hugging my daughter, cooking for everyone. all the normal stuff. my surgery was on the 30th of August and my radiation was done on the 12th of October. i stayed at the hospital for the first 2 days then came home and stayed in my room for the rest of the week. then went in for my first scan, then the second one a week later. i've been around my family alot. should i really worrie??


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    You should be okay after four days of isolation even with high doses of I-131. This is the recommended length of time. Typically you are safe after the third day but they say four days just to be sure. The scan dose is completely safe. The treatment dose is when you need to isolate. Sounds like you are safe, stop worrying.
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    well every day out is less
    well every day out is less of a worry.

    you probaly did expose your spouse and 11 year old to some radiation but anything you exposed them do has happend upi are probably mostly radiation free (well there will be some for a while but its alot less every day)

    1 week you should have lost most of the excess through sweat and urine all of the radiation you had and still have should be located in your thyroid.

    it probaly is wise to minimize your exposure to them (short hugs and such are ok) for a few more weeks to reduce anything left in your body.

    dont worry about it though your life is complicated enough to worry about something else that you have no control over.