Another trip to Sloan with Dad

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The last scan for dad wasn't good. He was unable to take the full 5FU treatments because his platelet count fell under 100k and hasn’t had chemo for three weeks. The scan last week showed one new tumor in his liver, although the other two hadn’t grown (he didn’t tell me if they had shrunk guess I have to wait for the appointment with the doctor to get the full story). Bad news is that a new tumor is growing in the esophagus again.

Yes, listen to William if you have a chance have the surgery don’t assume because no activity comes up that the cancer is gone and avoid having the surgery. . . for my dad it was just lurking and waiting to come back . . . if he had had the surgery who knows what we would be doing right now. The one piece of good news is the cancer hasn’t gone anywhere else – just the esophagus and liver.

Anyway my parents are flying up again tomorrow. On Thursday we go back to the oncologist at Sloan to see what to do next and check out a couple of clinical trials he may be eligible for. Not sure if the doctor will think he is strong enough, especially with the platelet issues, or if at almost 79 they will think he is too old to be a participant in a clinical trial.

Asking for prayers and wisdom for him and the doctors as we head up to New York. My dad says he is ready to stay here and get treatment in a clinical trial because the docs in New Orleans say they don’t have anything other than palliative care to offer, if even that, and that actually told him to see what Sloan could do. Let’s see if he tells the doctor at Sloan that or just says he wants to go home to New Orleans.