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Hi my name is Jennifer... My mom was diagnosed on June 10th 2010 with colorectal cancer that has spread to her liver and lungs. She has a quarter size tumor on one lung and pin points on another. Her liver has two small tumors the biggest is also quarter size. her cancer in her colon did not obstruct so she has a stent in right now. My mom's first CEA was only 18 now it has gone down since last cea which was over a month ago was 15. Her last CAT scan showed all her tumors going through necrosis but no shrinkage. My mom has been taking vitman D, it works!!! I can't get her to rest even for a nap after chemo. She has more energy then me now.She is on a sugarless diet, it seems to be working. Stage 4 cancer can be cured...My older sister is a bio/chemist who works with cancer cells and associates her self with columbia, cambridge etc.... Cancer can be cured if the right treatment is done. She told me cancer is never thing that kills the paitent, mostly its infections from surgery and other stuff is that true?? Is there other people with stage 4 colon cancer who are either cured or living long? The first doctor said my mom would not be here for christmas : ( but it seems that the doctor was uneducated so thats why its always better to get a second or even fifth opinion.


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    Has she started any kind of
    Has she started any kind of treatment over the last 3 or 4 months?
    Its not the vitamin D exclusivley that is keeping the tumors from currently growing at his point in time.

    The phrase "cured" is often used too loosly and as with any stage 4 cancer, a rigorous schedule of close monitoring such as blood work and scans which are to be followed every 3 to 6 months initially and eventually once a yr for several years. There are combinations of treatments taht can used and may be effective for one person and not another even with same diagnoses, age, and profile. There are stage 4 colon patients who have survived years beyond what their DR may have told them as the Dr uses a large study of patients to arrive at prognoses but as individuals, there are exceptions to the study. Often what occurs with late stage cancer is it is managed as a potentially chronic disease by DR, medical team and patient.

    There is such a thing as getting so many opinions until you arrive at the one you want to hear but is the one you feel best about the most effective from one DR out of a 4?. Cured means the cancer is not going to come back in ones lifetime. A lot depends on the type of cancer, stage of cancer, pathology report details, person life style, age, overall health and other factors.

    There are different reasons why people dx with cancer do not survive. One is from cancer, infections from compromised immune system, organ failure (such as kidney or heart) which can come from surgery, chemo, cancer or combination. Malnutrition plays a role as does is other medical conditions has as well.