Flag All Spam and Ban The Posters

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Who the F*CK are SunOnoble and dorisEknight?

I just spent 10-15 mins flagging all the identical spam ads that they (actually probably the same person) posted for something called "difulcan" (and other drugs) in 21 different threads (sometimes posting multiple identical ads in the same thread). WTF!!!????

Administrator: They'll probably just open new accounts under different names, but please close these accounts and ban these members. Thank-you.


  • mtguy
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    Couldn't agree more
    I was disgusted also when checking the messages and began flagging the postings. It's bad enough for those of us dealing with the disease but then to contaminate a board with crap like this is pretty low.

    Thanks admin for anything that can be done to purge these posters and their junk.
  • mrspjd
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    BETTER YET....
    Yes, agreed, this is of concern when a hacker repeatedly infiltrates this wonderful CSN site. Many times these weirdos are located in foreign countries and unfortunately, will continue hacking. In a short matter of time, not just the Prostate Cancer category was hacked, but every cancer category and almost every thread, with 1000's of posts--and it is impossible to flag that many posts. BETTER YET, next time you observe such a sick hacker, I would strongly suggest you click on "CSN Feedback" located on your upper left in the red box and send an email addressed something like "FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION TO CSN SPECIALIST/WEBMASTER" AND give the hackers user name(s) so that the admin can get right on this sicko's case and clean up the boards! Although this is a public board, let's hope the admin will continue to keep it safe and secure!

    PS: Please observe/notice dates of postings as many older posts, although still current subjects, have been regenerated and moved to the top as a result of this hacker.