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Hi all:

Basketcase checking in. I'm back from Chatt. for my brother's Richard funeral services. Being the big TN Vols fans we all are in my family, his wife had him dressed in a new orange shirt he'd just bought and a black suit and a beautiful TN tie! We put an orange/white shaker in with him and one of his TN ball caps. His services were very nice. He had full military honors funeral at the National Cemetary in CHatt. and he is buried in the same section as my brother RObert that lived with us and died two years ago in Nov. so that's kinda of symbolic. Please keep his wife Gaye, and son Brian in your prayers and his daughter Kami and grandson Justin but his wife and son especially facing tough times ahead as the finanacial situation is not good.

His vistation was 8 weeks to the day from CHarle's visitation and services 8 weeks to the day from Charlie's service. As a matter of fact, his service was Oct. 21 the two month anniversary of Charlie's passing and I didn't think about it until Friday because I was busy burying another family member! Y'all know how much I loved and now miss Charlie. I was very close to Richard (as all 5 of us were close knit all our lives); and he was my home repairman. I'm very grateful for the four days he drove down here from Chatt. to do what needed to be done. He had planned on coming down here the Thurs. after he suffered the brain hemmorrhage and finish up. Fortunately his grandson can finish it up along with his son, but his son has what's known as Reverse Brain Syndrome and has had learnng disabilties all his life so he doesn't do the heavy work that Richard did but my sister-in-law told me the grandson Justin can do just about anything RIchard could do that he'd taught him well and his grandson wasn't able to be at the visitation and services because he had a bad case of mono! BUt he was with his grandmother the night it happened and with her at the hospital. I'm definitly ready for boring. I've had all the excitement I can handle for a while. My brother's pastor was very consoling as when I introduced myself to him as Richard's "little sister" he said, "You're the one who just lost her husband. I know this has to be very hard fof you!" It is extremely tough coming on the heels of Charllie's death and so unexpected and sudden.

I am going to see my 92 year old aunt in Albany on Thursday and then go to my brother's in THomasville for the weekend. I've told him to take care of himself as he's the only big brother I've got left! He said he would and I could start calling him every 20 minutes and see how he's feeling! (He's such a card). I spent part of yesterday afternoon at the Emergency Animal Hospital with one of my 12 year old shelties Blue. He was panting to beat the band and I was afraid he was in respiratory distress. turns out he's not, but did have a high fever which came down before we left and his blood work was good. But of course his teeth are nasty (I mean, now you're supposed to have their teeth cleaned which costs about $150 plus at his age another $65 for special blood work before they do it) and she said the panting is a sign of being stressed out! But he does have some antbiotics to take because of the bacteria in his mouth and does seem to be better somewhat! ALso, she said because my world has been turned upside down so have the dogs and we all know they react to how I'm reacting. Who knows, I may have to seekout a doggie therapist! ANyway that's about all the news for now. THanks for your continued prayers. Hope everything is well with y'all and my love to each and everyone out there! God Bless!



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    Glad you are back

    I am glad you are back safe. I can relate about your doggie being stress. My little kitty that is my baby was under stress. She was really sick and acting weird, I called the vet and she told me that Firefly was most likely under stress. She told me to play with her and give her attention and if it got better that is what it was. She got better. I hope you can now relax and have some quiet times. You need them :)

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    Glad It Was Nice
    I know it's little consolation, but am glad the service for your brother was good. I, too, am hoping that once you get back from visiting your aunt and brother you have some really boring times.
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    Pam M said:

    Glad It Was Nice
    I know it's little consolation, but am glad the service for your brother was good. I, too, am hoping that once you get back from visiting your aunt and brother you have some really boring times.

    Hello Jan!
    I am happy you are back safe & sound! Your family sound's wonderfull & I am happy you are all so close. These are the times that we need our loved ones the most. Try to take a bit of a rest as I believe your mind & body can use it! Hopefully you will have some peace & tranquility soon. Thinking of you & keeping you in my prayer's.
    God Bless