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Hi all , I dont know if Im trying to make sense of a no sense situation if you know what I mean lol. My wonderful mum passed away nearly three months ago aged 61, she went into hopsital 25th June , 2 and half weeks later she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and then two and half weeks later she passed away. My dad, sister and myself are in so much pain we are a very close family. Saturday night I had a dream that mum was alive but she was in hospital and she was told she had four weeks to live but they wanted her to try this new drug and I said to the doctor how much time will she have if she takes this drug the doctor said no extra time nothing is going to change the four weeks but she can try this drug. That was the basis of the dream and when I got up today, Monday I realised that I have had the same dream twice in two nights. This has never happended to me do you think their is a reason for having the same dream twice or am I being daft. thank you all xxxxx