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I came here because MD Anderson Ranked # 1 or 2 in the nation.

My Breast Cancer Stage was I minor tumor early detection - piece of cake. MD Anderson decided not to belive in all the reports generated from the 5 Ranking Institution in the Country and decided to run all over again - Three weeks were wasted - they could not even agree in their own results and there were discrepancies all over from test to test. To this day they do not know what happen - but, they tell you this is normal because it just happen - The bottom line there are nor even one white person in the high ranking staff - Everybody from China, Philippines, Easter countries and Asia are coming here to get train and experiment in the States - There are not really any statistics of the work I have not been able to find any and they do not publish this either.

However, they keep on praising themselves as God but, Now my Cancer was raised from I to IIIB, thanks to them.

They removed all my Lymph nodes and had to performed Mastectomy and my arm will be paralyzed - Now, I do have to face Radiation and Chemotherapy

So, far I am beyond disappointed because GOD = MD Anderson cannot recognized they have no clue as to f what is happening and there is not even a good communication among themselves.

So, no I cannot speak highly about this institution- Results is what counts.

Now, they keep on telling me that they will cure me

Shall I belive in them now or not? THEY HAVE FAILED EVERY SINGLE TIME

Any experiences out there ? - I have very little time to make a decision about this place.

Perdsonal emails

Thank you

Please help .


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    Insist on Getting the Answers/Treatment Plan You Need
    Noquimo, I am very sorry to hear of the time spent testing with no progress. Your frustration is definitely understandable. MD Anderson, I have been told, is excellent at research, their focus, but not so great on customer care.

    At this point, you might insist that your medical team simply and clearly state the treatment options they advise. You can then put them on the spot and ask the questions you need answered. YOU are in charge of your medical care, and the medical staff is responsible to you. Insist that your concerns and fears be addressed to your satisfaction.

    I wish I could suggest an alternate facility, but I don't live in your area. Hopefully women from TX will reply and share their experiences.

    My best to you. I know myself how terrifying the wait for a treatment plan and for the treatment to start can be.