questions and concerns about lymphoma

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So my sysmtoms started another 3 years ago. It was little stuff really, like swallow glands in my neck and the pressure was so bad. I thought maybe it was just a sore throat. This has progressed to them always be slightly swollen now. Sometimes its really bad. Then I started having lots of colds, phenomena, sinus infections, and then pressure under my right chest. Its like there's something just blowing up a balloon in there. I went to the doc many times. Blood work fine. Elevated belieubin, and protine but that's it. He said he thought it was a hernia but we did the sugery and within day the pain was back. The pain comes and goes and I Cant seem to pinpoint what makes it flare up. The for the last 4* months I have had a reacuring mass under my nipple that moves up to my arm pit. Its pretty big 3 to 4 inches. Soar and now they are sending me to meet with general surgery. I am so fatigued and tired of know one being able to tell me why I feel this way. Not to talk bad about all doctors but mine just seem to blow me off. I have been sick for 3 months now with cold symptoms, night sweats, my arms and neck hurt all the time and I am just a my breaking point. In the last few weeks while being sick i keep droping weight. I am at 92lbs and it dosent matter what i do i jdust keep feeling worse. I know something isn't right. I have three young children and just thought by reading all your post you might have advices for me on to how to get some results.s my family has long lines of cancers.. and my Grampian died from lymphoma 8 years ago. Any advice welcome also I have a 4 cm nodules on my liver that they tried to bioptsy but I bleed out. They didn't get the biopsy but said tthey thought it was benign.


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    Wow, you sound so frustrated. I know you're worried and I don't blame you as I would be too. Have the doctors you've been seeing talked about doing a PET or CT scan? Maybe you could ask them, or get a second opinion.

    Hope you get some answers soon.

    Take care, and try not to worry although I know that's hard to do.

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    second opinion ASAP
    I read your post , oh my, i would go see another doc as soon as possible, dont let it go on any further, i dont know what more to say i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, im actually at a loss for words here, please see another doctor as from what you are saying you have not had real diagnosis, and also keep in touch here and let us know what decision you have made, God bless
    Chris NHL stage 3 4/08 in remission
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    Not good!
    Hi...I agree with Chris...find a new doctor and start from the beginning to get a proper diagnosis and treatment if needed. Everything you described tells me you need a better set of doctors looking after you! Let us know what you end up doing.
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    Thanks For the support!
    Well to make things even worse my husband switched jobs and are in between insurances. I am trying to get a family plan set up now so I can meet with the doctor. I was supposed to go this Thursday at 3pm but now its going to have to be pushed out till Nov. 15th =( Apparently the the doctor on the 15th is a breast specialist. SO that is good new anyway. They haven't really talked about doing much except an ultrasound. They said I am to young for a mammogram. I will defiantly ask them about the PET and Cat scan. Thanks for every ones advice! I will keep you posted.