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Hello all! I've been an "outsider" reading your posts since I was diagnosed with Stage IV tongue cancer. I've had my surgery and going into my last week of radiation and chemo. I finally decided to join to thank you all for your posts. I felt I wasn't alone and decided to join because there might be other "outsiders" like me that just read and felt comforted.
My problem is I had radical neck dissection on the left side and lymph nodes removed and things got complicated so they had to go back in twice after. Because of that I have massive scar tissue build up and it seems to have weakened the left side of my throat so when I went for my "swallow" test I failed because my muscles weren't strong enough to swallow. Thank goodness I already had a PEG tube put in before my operation. So thank any and all that post about tube feeding recipes. I try my best to try them all and if I should find any I will post them for all to share. Thanks for the community this website offers.


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    hang in are on a
    hang in are on a ruff road and it will get ruffer before it gets better..have faith and positive thoughts

    we're here for you