Therabite versus OraStretch

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I was under the impression that I was getting the Therabite to help with my jaw stretching. However, the package just arrived and is an OraStretch. I know the Therabite is good....does anyone know anything about the Orastretch???? I haven't opened it yet so can exchange it if necessary. Thanks.


  • Hondo
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    I am using the therabite, as I can't afford the other device, never heard of the OraStretch, if you use it please let me know how it works for you. The therabite is really hard for me as I am more then 5 years passed my last treatment and things don't want to open like they once did.

    I just looked at the Orastretch on the internet; get a therabite from looks of it, it is easier to use.
  • Ed_PortOrange
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    Used the Therabite
    I was part of a swallow study during my treatment Jan.- Mar. this year. Part of the study was daily swallowing, sounding (EEEE's) and jaw stretching using the Therabite. I was measured weekly and at the end of treatment my range of motion with opening my mouth had increased, even though I wasn't eating and only drinking through a straw. I was lucky to be part of this study and hope everyone that is having difficulty will try this tool and give it time to help with yout range of motion.

    Best Wishes and Healthy Prayers