What vitamins are antioxidants to avoid while on chemo

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Thanks for the posts on vitamins. That was my thought as well. A simple vitamin with no extra dosages of anything, or any herbs etc.

Everyone noted no antioxidants-what would those be?





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    Examples of antioxidants
    Fish Oil (Omega 3) and Vitamin E are antioxidants. When I was on chemo the pharmacist at the cancer center only recommended a multivitamin, but not additional vitamins. I was on a vitamin-pack for women, but she did not recommend that I continue it while having chemo as it could interfere with how the chemo works. I stopped my Omega 3 and Niacin that I take for my cholesterol and trigycerides. They did both elevate, but I restarted them when I completed my chemo. This year both the cholesterol and triglycerides are improved.
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    The primary vitamins that are thought of as antioxidants are vitamins A, C, E, and beta carotene, which is actually a precursor to vitamin A. Keep in mind, besides these vitamins there are a lot of other substances that are antioxidants as well. Some of the minerals, for example, selenium is also an antioxidant. As well as some different carotonoids in other phytochemicals found within fruits and vegetables. Things like lycopine, lutein, zeaxanthin. All of these phytochemicals are actually the things that give the fruits and vegetables their color. So, it's not just vitamins that are antioxidants.

    Again, there's all these different phytochemicals that give foods their color, as well as different minerals that are considered antioxidants. And when you think of the term antioxidant, what that means is it basically reduces damage that can be caused by free radicals in our bodies. What they basically do, free radicals cause oxidation in our bodies. So you can think of that as rest-- internal rest. Antioxidants actually neutralize that oxidizing prices, so for that reason they are so beneficial. So remember, it's not just the vitamins that can be considered antioxidants. It's also a few of the minerals and a few other particular subsidences that give our foods their color."

    As my nutritionist told me, avoid antioxidants as much as possible during chemo, but also remember everything in moderation. For example, cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants, and not issue to have it in foods, but don't overload with the shaker.