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Hi all,
I am new to this, so don't know if i am doing this right. My dad was diagnosed with Non hodgkins lymphoma in Oct 1998. He started with Diffuse large B cell that was "big, bad and ugly" as the cancer dr said. He took CHOP and went into remission with it. He had a continual follicular non hodgkins...that he would occassionally have to have zapped with radiation or surgically removed. But today, the bad news....he has the Diffuse large B cell back and it is growing fast. He has to make a decision by Monday on a treatment. He was given the option of R-ICE followed by Stem Cell....but i really don't think he would survive the stem cell. He is 73 and not the picture of health...he is thin and a heavy smoker although he is trying to quit with Chantax. This first option said it had a cure rate of 90%. He was given another option of some type of chemo that started with a gem??? I will have to get the correct drug from my mom. That only had a cure rate of 30%. What should we do? Do they ever give R-ICE without the stem cell...or is R-ICE too rough a treatment. CHOP was really hard on him, but he was in much better shape 12 years ago. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Thanks so much
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    Treatment options
    first of all I am sorry to hear about your dad's lymphoma returning. My name is John and I was diagnosed with follicular 5-6 months ago,but I am sure it was there long before that. I went thru R-CVP chemo. None of those treatments are a walk in the park thats for sure. It is indolent which means it is very slow growing. As far as your dads diagnosis I really don't know what to tell you,but I am sure you will get some replys from other people on this site. I do know they have to work quick on the aggressive lymphomas. In the mean time we are glad you found this site. It is a place you can come to and feel at home with the people here. They will answer any question you may have if they can. John