I have a port, but no place to flush

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I am only bringing this up because I read somewhere that when looking for a good treatment center (hospital) is good, but that you can usually get infusion places near you. Things must have change or they may have changed where I live because....

I have had my port in for 5 years. I was done treating six months after they put it in. Every single month I go and have it flushed. My original doctor was going to take it out, but kept postponing it saying it was easier to remove it than to put it in. Then he retired! My newer doctor said he was "superstitious" and felt if it was in it was fine. My third doctor I only had for a couple of months. My 4th doctor I got is 2 hours away in another state. I have had this doctor for about a year now and I still went to my local hospital to get my port flush.

Well, they called today and said that unless my PCP or a doctor of mine was associated with their hospital (they wouldn't take a script), that they would not longer be able to help me. Now isn't that great? My PCP isn't associated with either of the hospitals, although they are all under the same umbrella.

Previously, because of location, I had called a hospital that is 5 minutes from my home and talked to their infusion center. She basically told me the same thing. My PCP wasn't approved there and they wouldn't take a script from my new doctor. Then she said "good luck".

So, I called my new doctor (in another state) and talked to the P.A. with regard to my problem. Her response was why don't we just take it out. It is a very simple procedure.

Sounds great to me! I have my regular appointment with them on the 25th and she said I could talk to them then about it.

This is just another small obstacle to overcome!



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    at long last, a sensible solution--having the bloody thing taken out! what a lot of trouble to go through on top of everything. oh well, glad that's the worst of it, and even that will soon be over. best of luck to you.


    ps. my doctor also said he was superstitious and would talk to me about removing it in 3 years; it's been one so far. it's a power port, and from what i hear, quite fancy, so he certainly isn't willing to take it out a minute before 3 years. i've learned to live with it, hardly feel or notice it, so not a big deal, except symbolically it will be great to have it removed!