Hydration via chemo port?

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Since my dad is to sick to take chemo and they don't want to try a J-tube at this point I wondered about him recieving fluids through his port.

What experiences have any of you had with this? He did get fluids last week at the hospital instead of his chemo because of his dehydration. He is so light headed and dizzy, throws up everyday, and so weak. We are hoping that his blood count will come back up and help with some of the anemia symptoms.

I know he can get home health for IV therapy but was hoping for something that could be done easily in the evening. Any ideas out there?



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    I believed they used the
    I believed they used the port for IV fluids hydration for my husband. He became very dehydrated during chemo and radiation therapy. He would come in and they would give him IVs which he really needed. They only used his j tube for nutrition which included water as well.
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    Hi Deb, I haven't accessed the port at home myself, but going through all of this my sister-in-law says she did port access at home for her husband. You just need to be taught how to do it, and how to flush, etc. She just kind of had the "no big deal" attitude about it!

    How wonderful you are there for your dad. He is truly blessed to have you as his daughter, looking out for him, and loving him so much. Linda
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    Hydration through port

    I received hydration through my port during chemo and after surgery. Very handy.

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    They can put all kinds


    They can put all kinds of goodies throught he port to make him feel better. He can most certainly get fluids with vitamins, minerals, etc. After 4 years I still struggle with weight. I went in 2 weeks ago and got a bag of fluids. I felt so much better.

    It is easily done, so call your oncologist and take him in!