Problems with lymphocysts?

clscurnutt Member Posts: 26
In June 2009 I had a hysterectomy for endometrial carcinoma. In July, my gyn/ono performed a lymphadenectomy via DaVinci and removed twelve nodes. Since that time, I have had a terrible aching at the top of my left thigh that starts to radiate into my hip and lower leg when I walk for an extended period (if you can call making a regular trip to the grocery store an extended period). I first noticed the ache while I was making an effort to get back into walking for exercise during my chemo and radiation last year. I could hardly get around the block. I find I can't spend long periods of time in the kitchen (I love to cook). Sometimes my knee and ankle swell and sometimes they don't. Putting my feet up for 15-30 minutes after the pain starts is the only thing that gives me relief (maybe I shouldn't complain--it can be a great excuse. haha).

My gyn/ono did find lymphocysts visible in my CT scan in April. But was not overly concerned.

My internist had me go in for an ultrasound of my leg vein and pelvic x-rays last month to determine if blood clotting or pelvic fractures were an issue. Hooray for me, those tests were clear. She did say that regular exercise may help -- that's what my WII Fit is for, right? Got some compression stockings and don't find much relief with those.

Since I still have the complaint. During my last visit 10-days ago, my gyn/ono scheduled another ultrasound to determine if lymphocysts are interfering with nerves in my hip and thigh. He said draining it/them (outpatient procedure) may provide some relief.

Anyone else out there with this "fun" aggravation?