Friday Riddle Answer

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This week's winner is goodwitch. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIDDLE: There are these two twin old men that go into the same bar everyday. The bartender at the bar hates one of the twins, but the only way he could tell the difference between the one he hates and the one he likes is because the one that he hates drinks very slow, but the one that he likes drinks fast. So one day the bartender decides to kill the one that he hates. So when they came in that day he put the same amount of the drink in their cups, the same amount of ice, and the same amount of poison. When they are both done with their drinks the one that the bartender hates dies, but the one he likes lives. How is this??

ANSWER: The bartender put the poison in the ice. In the drink of the one who drank slow the ice meleted, but the since the other one drank fast, his ice never melted.