Looking at the Calendar...

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Funny how our minds work when we hear good news..I went to the calendar after Johns good news this morning and started figuring up my treatment dates. Looks like I'll be on the nasty pred the week of Thanksgiving after round 5 on Nov 23rd..."UGH"...But...in December after round 6 on Dec 14th, I'll be off the pred the week before Christmas..."YES"! Then..if all goes as planned, I'll get my final scan and have "Good" news to start the New Year out with! So much good news while in a "pred" week has my head spinning...(in a good way)! Bear with me...2 more days, and then I'll be human again...hahaha!
Hyper Sue..(FNHL-2-3A-6/10)


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    you go!
    Keep it going Sue, nothing but the best!!!! Vinny
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    I don't even have to be on prednisone and my mind goes funny. Especially going thru all this chemo stuff. It lasted around 4 months but to be honest it felt like 4 years. It did not go fast for me at all. There were to many what ifs in there. Nobody will ever know what we went thru until and I hope they never do, go thru what we all went thru. When I say we I mean all of us on here and the other 66,000 people that will be diagnosed with this crap this year called lymphoma. Thats more people than seats in a football stadium. Thats a lot of people. Also remember thats the number that will be diagnosed, not counting the ones that will slip thru the cracks. John