Treatment induced diabetes

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I have been watching my glucose readings rise as I continue my treatment. My oncology team told me not to worry since the steroids I am given to combat nausea will spike the glucose reading.

My glucose is as follows over the last several months:

98 mg/dl...127...90...167...143...188...117...163...274mg/dl (October)

This has prompted me to go to an endocrinoligist and I have now begun diabetes treatment.

I wonder if this is necessary. Will my glucose levels go back to normal after treatment?

I do not want to induce diabetes so the treatments may be worth it. However the last thing I want is another pill to take every day.

I would live to hear others experiences especially those who had high glucose levels and once treatment was over they went down to normal.




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    Hi Mike,my hubby was
    Hi Mike,my hubby was slightly diabetic before he started cancer treatment.He was at border line and nothing was serious and everything was under control as long as his diet was right.But his glucose number went all over the place during the treatment no matter what he ate,he felt like even if he starves to death and his glucose would be still high.We went to check with the primary physican and nutritionist,they told us from what they see,even if people never had glucose problem can have high glucose level during the treatment.Believe it or not,my husband's glucose went back to normal only within a month after he finished the treatment.Now he is fine,everything is under control.Please don't worry,it might be hard to control glucose during the treatment,but once it is over,you will be fine.Please try to avoid bananas and pancakes,these two things really shoot up glucose.Take care.Best luck with the treatment.
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    your not a diabetic even
    your not a diabetic even though your blood sugars have been elevated. Both chemo and steroids can elevate blood glucose levels. The steroids can have an effect for weeks or longer after it is stopped. for one there are 2 different types of diabetes (type 1 and type 2, the former is autoimmune disease requiring insulin and the later is an metabolic condition.

    when you record your bloods sugars, many factors play a role includling if the test for blood sugars was a blood glucose fasting test, (first thing in am without eating for 10+ hrs), or was the test done 1 to 3 hrs after you ate including how many carbs you ate.

    its not necessary to get treatment from endo as this is temporary state due to treatment. the one exception is if you were a type 2 diabetic before cancer treatment but did not know it. A baseline of blood sugar levels prior to your cancer dx would indicate any differences in values.
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    My readings were always really low or over normal. When they were over the normal range my oncologist never even commented about them. Mine even got as low as 60 something but think that chemo has a lot to do with it. If your doctor is monitoring you and they are ok with it, don't stress. My normal is ok now. You should be fine.

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    Hey, Mike

    I'm glad to see a post from you. I've been wondering about you and praying that you're doing well. How are you doing besides the glucose levels?

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    Hi Mike, On Wed. this week I
    Hi Mike, On Wed. this week I started a new trial drug. The one thing really new to me is that I will need to monitor my glucose daily before taking the new drugs. The reading range they gave me to watch for was quite, quite wide a low of 70 and and high of 250. As long as I am between those numbers I take the meds. Apparently the meds can really make a difference. Best to you. Jean
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    Steroid-induced diabetes is usually temporary.
    I know several people who had diabetes due to steroid treatments. In all cases, it resolved at some point after discontinuation of steroids.

    There are other "temporary" diabetes situations. I had gestational diabetes (diabetes of pregnancy) during my second pregnancy; had to monitor blood sugars twice a day, and eat a very specific diet. My daughter's birth cured my diabetes.

    Look at this as a temporary side effect of your treatment.

    Best wishes,