Renal Cell Cancer

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My husband is in stage 4 Renal Cell cancer. In Feb 2010 he had heart surgery. After a month having his surgery he started having back pain. We thought it was from the heart surgery. Come to find out 6 months later. He was told he had a tumer on his upper spine. Turns out its Renal cell Cancer, orgin the kidney. He rencently had surgery to remove the cancer on the thorasic spine. They put titanium discs and he has been in a lot of pain but recoverying. My question is? We still have to go through the kidney surgery and he has lymp nodes in between his chest and back that have been affectd with the cancer.
I would like to know if anyone has had similar cancer and what has their outcome been. He is now scheduled for radation. Im very scared for him as I have read all the side affects regarding all the drugs and radatin have not been affective in treating this type of cancer.. Im wondering what should be considered quality of life versus spending the reminder of his life in pain and in bed. Please if anyone has advice. It would be greatly apppreciated.