candle light and one star

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Last night my 16 year old son and I went out at 8:00 p.m. and lit a candle for Lesley. To my amazement and my sons( who has been my rock since I was diagnosed ) after lighting the candle we looked heaven ward and in the cloudy nite one lone star shone thru, I told Lesley to please watch over all us sisters and I told her how courages she was. My wish is that she is the last to leave!!!! God Bless you Mr. Marine and your family, you gave us all strength to carry on, one day at a time.


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    That was very touching.
    That was very touching. Thank you for sharing. I read somewhere long ago that the twinkling of the stars is the laughter of all those that we have loved and lost, that they are at peace and happy. I hope Thomas reads this and is comforted.