Scan results :) UPDATE - "see you in 2 months." :)



  • Kathleen808
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    pf78248 said:

    Wonderful news!

    The news about **** is great. I know your whole family and friends are celebrating with you! I think of you all often and wish you the very best for future scans!

    Hugs and Healing,

    How very kind of you to write. I have been thinking about you. I know things are hard right now. Know you are in my prayers.

    With aloha,
  • Lori-S
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    So glad to hear the good news. I hope you both enjoy the break and the spin in your boat.
  • Aud
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    Great news!
    so happy for you, Kathleen, and your husband.
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  • sfmarie
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    What wonderful news and HOPE for everyone else fighting this disease! I have followed your story every moment and could not be happier for both of you. Such great news and a big sigh of relief. Enjoy your wonderful island and each other. Cherish every moment.
  • Erinb
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    What great news! I am happy
    What great news! I am happy for both of you. Enjoy your well deserved two months with NO visits! and...have fun on the boat.
  • HollyID
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    I love coming in here and reading things like this....
    I am so happy for ****. What a great thing to hear from your onc: "See you in two months".


    Much love and hugs