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Hi everybody!

I am new to this forum and did come across it surfing the net for some kind of hope when it comes to gallbladder cancer. My mother in law recently was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer and it is not possible remove it and it has also spread locally in the area around the bladder. Since I did found out that the outcome is very poor I am hunting for any kind of hope, any kind of alternative treatment or anything that could bring some light in this darkness. So if you guys reading this have any information, what so ever I would be very grateful if you took the time to share it with me.

All the best and take care


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    Hi Thomas,

    Welcome to our little but fairly strong group. If you look at the thread for Gallbladder Cancer Stage 4, you will find people in all stages of Gallbladder Cancer.
    This is a disease that you have to have hope and faith for. A lot of information that is on the Internet is dismal at best. You have to remember that the information in most of the cases is outdated. This is a disease that is coming to the fore-front right up there with pancreatic cancer. When I was diagnosed in 2005 I was given very little hope if any, and a very short time frame to live. All the doctor's were wrong! I wasn't a candiate for surgery in the beginning and I like to say that NO just means not right now. It took me three times of going to see a surgeon at UCLA before he said YES. You have to be your own advocate for your healthcare or have someone right there doing it for you if you are not able. Hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel is there and through each step of her treatment it can glow a little brighter. What area does she live in? There maybe someone in your area that will have local information that could help you. Let us know how it is going and we will talk to you soon.

    Take Care
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    Hello Thomas. Lily has
    Hello Thomas. Lily has great information for you here. And for another active forum, check out: