DFSP Mets to Lungs

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My mom was diagnosed with a DFSP back in August of 2007. She since had 5 surgeries. One included a muscle flap and skin graft. The most recent surgery was in March '10 to remove three large lumps that appeared in the original location, which is the front of her lower leg. She is now going to have surgery to remove a growth that is in her lung. It was their in the very beginning but was only 6 mm and they thought it might be related to an illness from childhood. In those three years it grew to 14 mm. The main growth occured in the past year. They say it is slow growing but the Thoracic surgeon believes it is a sarcoma. Does anyone have any experience with Mets to the lungs? Everything I read online is really depressing. Not much info on it and what I do find says the prognosis is poor, 1 -2 years. This is really scaring me.

Then I read info on drugs and wonder if she should be taking something. She did 5 weeks of Radiation on her leg this summer.

Any info is greatly appreciate. She is being treated at the Washington Cancer Center in D.C. They were on the list of treatment centers on the Sarcoma Alliance website.