new at this 2nd r-chop

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Hi guys thanks for all the positive comments and advice it takes me a while to reply cause i dont have access to a computer very often.My 2nd round went ok except a reaction to the rituxin that made me feel like i had a bad case of hayfever uncontrollable sneezing.They rang the oncologist and they gave me a couple of jabs of sumthin and was back to normal 5 minutes later.I had no real side effects just running low on energy this 2nd week so jus try to get all me chores done first thing.Ive decided im going to take my daughter to my next round of treatment on the 20-10-10 and hope she will understand it better.I forgot to say last time that i also have a 9yr old daughter and 5yr old son that dont live with me but they only 10km away they ask alsorts of ?s to but they are easy to answer like wheres your hair gone dad.Neway once again thanks for the comments and advice very useful keep smilin and il talk to you soon......


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    Congrats on #2
    Two down...congratulations! Don't do too much, there are things that can wait my friend. Do what your body feels ok doing, and don't worry about the rest.

    When the questions start getting harder...blame chemo brain LOL.

    Take care,
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    round 2 done
    You and I are pretty close with our treatment schedule...I go in this coming Tuesday for round 3. My chemo is R-cvp instead of the R-chop. Each round puts us that much closer to remission! Hang in there...Sue