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In one of your posts you mentioned books about positive thinking etc. Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks! :)



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    I've been reading so many of these types of books for years and years....now you're making me digging thru my book shelves...happy to do it BTW!!

    An author I've always loved is Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. He has written so much on transforming our personal destiny, etc.

    Good books:
    . Your Erroneous Zones
    . You'll see It When You Believe it

    One of my first books: Enthusiasm Makes the Difference by Norman Vincent Peale

    Lastly, one new DVD and book is called "The Secret"...don't have the author, but you can Google the title and/or go to www.YouTube.com and get a quick video view of the DVD....excellent!!!

    There are so many more, but these should get you started. When I was in corp sales and needed to have a very positive and clear mind to meet my hefty goals, I'd listen to many tapes in the car and/or before I'd go to sleep at night. A positive mind gets us in good places, but we need to keep the good vibes going, as life can truly throw us on negative paths. Many days when I'm on the wrong/negative path, I stop and listen to a tape or two and I'm back on track. Never ending course work is what I'm saying here.

    Hope this helps!!! Keep smiling and think positively....life is fun~