I'm back

allmost60 Member Posts: 3,178
Hi all,
Oh man...I didn't take my new laptop with me and boy was that a mistake! I can't believe all the posting for only being gone 3 days! Yikes...I read all of them, but won't even try to catch up...Ok? I kept all of you in my prayers and kept good positive thoughts. Your going to think I'm nuts, but... I left my new laptop at home because I was afraid something might happen to it...bang around in the car..get in a car wreck...well anyways...you get the picture ...(I know it's portable..it's just so new)..ha!
ANYWAYS...I had a good trip and got everything accomplished at my aunts except for putting the storm windows on. I paid her teenage neighbor boy to do it while we sat in the sun and visited. It took me 7 hours on Monday to get there and 8 hours today to get home. For some reason my butt and left leg kept falling asleep today, so I had to stop a few extra times to wake those parts up...It was "literally" a pain in the A$$...ha! No problems with either now that I'm done driving, so thats good. Glad to be home and soooo glad everyone here is doing relatively good. I'll keep up from here on and NEVER leave my laptop at home again!!!...Love..Sue