"All fixed up" - so I thought...

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Well, I have taken a break from here - hope all of you are doing well and on your way to a better 2011!

I am not there yet... - since my chemo (folfox etal) and raditation were finished in March 2010 - and my reversal went well with out a glitch in May (2010) - but my lovely white counts are YUCKY!!! And not so good...

Has anyone else had their white counts take over 8 months to be "normal"?? Mine are bouncing from 2.9 to 3.6...the highest they have been is 3.9

I can't seem to hit the 4's...I don't feel bad - I am still fatigued at a higher level than what I would like...but this is bothering me that they are not re-bounding...the doctor said if they are not in the 4's by November - bone marrow biopsy...I want to avoid that at all costs!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions and others...



  • AnneCan
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    Hi Michelle
    It is good to hear from you! I am sorry you are having the white counts issue. I hope they are in the 4s soon so you don't need that biopsy (3.9 is awfully close!), but if you do, they will figure out what is going on. I am still undergoing chemo, so I can't comment on what is normal after treatment.
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    Hi Michelle

    I never rebounded with my WBC's after chemo treatments....they would stay in the high 3's but they won't go back to minimum....pretty close to 2 years now.

    Since getting back into treatment (had recurrence #3) since you were last here, they have been as high as around 3.9 but in two treatments, they are about 3.1 now. I'm doing Folfiri now.

    I take Neulasta shots every cycle to boost counts to do the chemo.

    Don't know how it will all turn out - hope things get better for you, but the point of my story is if they stay high 3's, that may be the new you - if you have a bone marrow test, will be interesting to see if they see anything at all.

    Best wishes!

  • Annabelle41415
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    Mine are only 3.1 and have been off chemo a year now, but they are bouncing up from being dangerously low. My doctor told me because of the radiation damage mine might never go back up to normal. Red count is 3.79 so that is low also but that continues to creep up also.